I had 3,500 grafts with The Alvi Armani clinic. The result and experince was very enjoyable and successful. Below you can see my result and documentation.

All of the photos were taken by myself in my own house. These are not marketing photos.

Here are some quick before and after photos to show the big difference. I have alot more photos of my entire progress below including what I looked like just days after my surgery, but here are a few good ones.

Wet Hair

Below are a few photos with my hair wet, just out of the shower. I thought these were important to take as one of my biggest concerns was how natural would the transplanted hair look when its wet.

I am hear to say my hair looks great wet or dry! I dyed my hair blonde about a month ago, no worries, it's still me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before Photos

Here are my before Photos. The goal of the follicular unit hair transplant procedure for me was to lower the hairline about an inch and a half and to close in my temples. I wanted a look that made me look younger. You can see the line below I drew on my photo to wear I wanted my new hairline

Photos 2 days after my Procedure

Here I am just 2 days after my procedure. The work looks clean to me (but what do I know!!). I will say that I like the hairline design and wear my hairline was lowered too, it's just what I wanted. Now I await the growth.

3 Month update

Here are my 3 month photos and I am starting to see early growth. I need to even my hair aout a bit!! This is exciting.....

5 Month Photos

5 Months!!!! The changes have been dramtic, I am seeing tons of new growth every day and am getting compliments by everyone. I am thrilled!!! The hairline design has really changed how my entire face looks!!

7 Month Photos

A new update for everyone. My hair is a bit longer here and more stylable. Things are looking good, I nwil ltake many more update photos soon.

9 month Photos

My 9 month photos... Things are going VERY well. You can see for yourself, my hairline is perfect. It looks natural and thick from the front, the top and the sides. I have never been this comfortable with my hair. This has beena huge success!!!

1 year result

I dyed my hair blond about a month ago. I just have been playing with different hair styles and colors now that I have a hairline restored by the best hair restoration clinic I can design!!! It feels good.